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Fond farewells

Dear faithful Strangeletketeers, Like many of you, we have spent the last week giving thanks for all the weird and wonderful blessings in our lives. At Strangelet, we have a lot to be thankful for over the last few years

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Strangelet Volume 2

Print – $12.00 Ebook – $7.00 Omnibus of Strangelet 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5. Cover art is by Wes Thompson Fiction “On a Diet of Souls” by Lynn Wohlwend “The Heart Guardian” by Amanda Miska “The Natural Habits of

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The Soulless by Walter Dinjos

An excerpt from The Soulless From Strangelet 2.5 Walter Dinjos I contemplated the boy. “There is something off about him.” Something I had seen before. “Apart from the fact that he murdered his father in cold blood?” “Look at him.

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The Evening Laxmi Danced by Sunil Sharma

An excerpt from The Evening Laxmi Danced From Strangelet 2.5 Sunil Sharma Women and kids dreaded the city. They called it The Golden Cage from Where None Returned. Once the kids grew into teens, their wailing mothers refused to send

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For the Love of a Minotaur by Melissa Gardner

An excerpt from For the Love of a Minotaur From Strangelet 2.5 Melissa Gardner There are minotaurs along the way to school. They drive by in their cars, their big, bovine heads sticking out of the windows—ties flapping in the

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All the Fishes, Singing by Hester J. Rook

An excerpt from All the Fishes, Singing From Strangelet 2.5 Hester J. Rook Her father’s warnings changed as she grew older. Her hips had begun to flare out from her waist like the curve of a bell. Her face had

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The Time Keepers by Jean Gillingham

An excerpt from The Time Keepers From Strangelet 2.5 Jean Gillingham “Are you here to volunteer for the position?” “My name is Isaac,” he said. He spoke with a determination that reminded Eloise of her father, but his stance was

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Strangelet Volume 2, Issue 5

Print – $6.99 Ebook – $2.99 Guest edited by Bill Campbell of Rosarium Publishing Fiction “The Time Keepers” by Jean Gillingham A timeless love story. “For the Love of a Minotaur” by Melissa Gardner A labyrinthine coming of age story.

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Practical Fairy Tales for Girls Like You by Lauren Spinabelli

An excerpt from Practical Fairy Tales for Girls Like You From Strangelet 2.4 Lauren Spinabelli Miss Ursula finished writing the prescription, set down her pen, and looked up at the last girl—a fragile imp of a thing, who had fallen

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Concepcion by Adam Breckenridge

An excerpt from Concepcion From Strangelet 2.4 Adam Breckenridge By all appearances, Concepcion was not the kind of person you sat next to on a sidewalk bench. Her eyes were jaundiced and she had long, filthy nails that she used

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