Strangelet Volume 2


Cover art by Wes Thompson

Wes Thompson’s cover art

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Omnibus of Strangelet 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5.

Cover art is by Wes Thompson


On a Diet of Souls” by Lynn Wohlwend
The Heart Guardian” by Amanda Miska
The Natural Habits of Nesting Men” by Salena Casha
Ada, Awake” by L.S. Johnson
Mildew in the Morning” by Steve Toase
Roots and Bones” by Anton Rose
Comeback” by Holly Schofield
The Ama, the Ningyo, and the Shark” by Robin White
The Time Keepers” by Jean Gillingham
For the Love of a Minotaur” by Melissa Gardner
All the Fishes, Singing” by Hester J. Rook
The Evening Laxmi Danced” by Sunil Sharma
The Soulless” by Walter Dinjos


“Wishes, Loosed” by Robyn Groth
“Horror Alive” by Cait Cole
“Double Dream” by Bryanna Licciardi
“Gox” by Boona Daroom
“The Woman in White” by Cyn Bermudez

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