Strangelet Volume 1, Issue 2


Cover art by Kirsty Greenwood

Kirsty Greenwood’s cover art

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Cover art by Kirsty Greenwood


Denny E. Marshall, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Heather Gwinn

Serial Fiction:

Ragabash Foxtrot, Part 1 by Dorian Graves
In Strangelet’s first serialized story, noir fiction meets mythology in a clever tale of true love. And foxes.


Start the Day with an Espresso by Steve Toase
See “straw men” in a whole new light.

The Secret Underground Tooth Economy of Boston by Will White
In Boston, more things than the highway and subway are underground.

The Better Angels of Parasites by Jarod Anderson
The last thing you want to put your faith in is the ethical code of single-celled organisms.

How to Break Up with Your Zombie Boyfriend by Jenni Moody
Recognize your relationship is over long before he bites the neighbors!


Kurt Newton, Khadija Anderson, Chelsea Eckert, Justin Hamm

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