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Call for Submissions: A Special Issue with Guest Editor Bill Campbell

Strangelet is pleased to announce that our September 2016 issue (Volume 2, Issue 5) will be guest edited by Bill Campbell of Rosarium Publishing (Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond). We’ll only be accepting only flash, graphic, and short fiction

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Strangelet looking for a Spring Publicity Intern

Strangelet Press is looking for a publicity intern for Spring 2016. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer pay for this position, but we can offer friendship and really fun Google Hangouts. (Plus, you know, experience.) Description Unpaid intern to support

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Ada, Awake by L.S. Johnson

An excerpt from Ada, Awake From Strangelet 2.1 L.S. Johnson 1. It was the dream again: I walked along a narrow stone path at night. The damp increased as I walked, moisture condensing on stone and skin alike. I breathed

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The Natural Habits of Nesting Men by Salena Casha

An excerpt from The Natural Habits of Nesting Men From Strangelet 2.1 Salena Casha Between my gloved fingers, I held definitive proof of their existence. In my hand, I cradled the coding to our next evolutionary step. It was the

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The Heart Guardian by Amanda Miska

An excerpt from The Heart Guardian From Strangelet 2.1 Amanda Miska It was just me and Mama after Daddy left. That’s when she met God in a fever dream. I was thirteen and nursed her back to health with nettle

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On a Diet of Souls by Lynn Wohlwend

An excerpt from On a Diet of Souls From Strangelet 2.1 Lynn Wohlwend We are waiting for a call from the kidnapper that I know will never come. Three officers sit at our kitchen table taking notes whenever they think

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Strangelet Volume 2 , Issue 1

Print – $6.99 Ebook – $2.99 Year 2 of Strangelet begins! Women Writing Women: Transformations. In this issue, you will walk with horrors, perform heart surgery, and transform into something strange. Featuring an all-female cast of contributors, the stories and

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Strangelet Volume 1

Print – $11.00 Ebook – $4.99 Celebrate Year 1 of Strangelet by getting all of the stories, poetry, art, and comics from the past year in one volume. Cover art is by Tom Williams Comic: “Saved” by John Carvajal Fiction:

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Strangelet Volume 1, Issue 4

Print – $4.99 Ebook – $2.99 The End of Things, Strangelet presents three stories about the end of the world, plus the conclusion of The Ragabash Foxtrot and cover art by Natykos. Fiction “The Last Laugh” by Eric M. Bosarge

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Become a Reader for Strangelet!

We get a lot of great and strange new speculative fiction looking for a home. And we need help getting them there. Our readers make each page of Strangelet the best it can be, and we need you to join

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