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reader call 2015

Did you already finish Strangelet Vol. 1.1? Did you read Issue 0, our debut? Did you know our readers screen each story submitted to us and choose the best new fiction out there to be a part of these issues? Our readers make each page the best it can be, and, to keep doing that, we need you to join their ranks!

To apply to become a reader for Strangelet, email our editor Casey Brown ( and include the following:

In your cover letter, tell us about your favorite genre and an author in that genre. The genre doesn’t have to be science fiction and it doesn’t have to be fantasy: just tell us why you love what you love reading.

We will need a commitment to reading, so give us an estimate for number of stories you can read per month. Then, make sure to tell us if you have any experience reading for presses or other journals and include a resume.

Come read with us!

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