Strangelet Volume 1, Issue 1


Cover art by Tory Hoke

Tory Hoke’s cover art

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Cover art by (and interview with) Tory Hoke


Saved by John Carvajal
Bred to travel the stars, an explorer copes with the mysteries of a new world.


Delia by David Armstrong
When we are near death, can we hear the dead? Can they help us?

Small Seeds by Elizabeth Jenike
Unstoppable. Incurable. From small seeds come the losses we all share in.

The Man Who Lived in My Hair by Evan Mallon
Some people are obsessed with their hair but it’s much more special to have some thing obsessed with it as well.

The Black Madonna by Mikaela von Kursell
Can a knight live with the quiet of a new nation in the tumultuous Iberian Peninsula?

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